Sunday, August 19, 2012

Weeks 2-4

The second week of Basic Training, everyone seemed to get into the groove of it all. We were able to have Sundays off from being trained and we were able to attend church. Church was what everyone looked forward to!
We also had our first camping trip an over nighter. We marched with our Ruck sacks 3 miles. Once we got to our destination we were given 10 minutes to set up camp and get in formation. My tent that was issued to me was BROKEN. The tent pole would not click. So I whipped out my bandaids and did quite the little patch work, it held for the night :)
We accomplished Land Navigation and Night Navigation in Battle Buddy teams. I was the first one back from plotting and discovering all my points!
When we got back from camping, we had mail time again. I recieved a box from Brian! It had a head lamp and a new towel and some writing supplies. My Drill sergeant too my head lamp and towel and said she wanted them. I was very upset! I cried that night because they were a gift from Brian and I wasnt allowed to have it. Reyes- my pal cheered me up, she is a pretty funny girl.

Week 3 we had ANOTHER PT test. This time it was the 2-2-2, 2 minutes of situps, pushups and a 2 mile run. I ran it in 13:40, did 63 pushups and 84 sit ups for an overal pt score of 336 on the extended scale. That was the highest PT score in our company, and because of this- My drill sergeants allowed me to have ice cream, and coffee at meal times, but of course, I politely declined because I was trying to watch my figure. Our platoon started calling me " Ross the Boss" .
We also went to the range weeks 3 and 4. Ugh.. I got so tired of going to the range!! Its over 100 degrees and we are in full battle rattle!! (helmet, vest, and flik with weapon, elbow/knee pads and gloves) We were taught to shoot our M-16 in every possible position you can think of shooting. 

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