Tuesday, May 22, 2012

And I thought the DMV was bad...

Well today 4:30 am... WAKE UP CALL! We were woken up and said to be at breakfast at 5am. We rushed to pack up all our things, and down to breakfast we went. Directly following breakfast, we loaded the bus and were taken to MEPS. Once we arrived, we went through assembly line after assembly line and ended finishing around 9:30am. Sounds great doesnt it?? NOPE! We sat in a room similar to the DMV until 3pm. Thats right.. 3pm!! No phones, no internet, no talking, no sleeping. Nothing to read, nothing to look at except a tv on one end of a wall that played "black hawk down" over and over and over again. Getting up to use the restroom sounded like a vacation!! Every once in a while the "Marines" personnel would open the door and yell at all the future soldiers " SIT UP STRAIGHT... OPEN YOUR EYES... PRETENT TO ACT LIKE SOLDIERS!!" 

So all of you who impatiently wait at the DMV... just remember, its a cake walk compared to waiting on the military!  "Hurry up and wait" is the classic military slogan... and now I get why!

Anyway.. we ship out tomorrow 4:30am. Some how... beyond my control, I was selected to be the "group leader" and I have to be incharge of getting everyones tickets, make sure everyone is on the bus, make sure everyone stays together etc. Sounds like a babysitting job... too many 18 year old boys with fowl mouths and ZERO respect. This should be interesting... most have already failed to follow orders, even just puting their name and rank at the top of a piece of paper...

Tomorrow we go from Sacramento to L.A. at 7:30am, there is a layover until 10:30 in L.A. .. Then we fly to Atlanta georgia, we arrive about 5:30pm their time, the we BUS!!Yes.. I said Bus... to South Carolina ..

I will keep everyone posted! Hope everyone is doing well.


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  1. you're doing great heather just hang in there!!! :)