Saturday, May 26, 2012

Reception week.

Wow.. what did I get myself into??  Was the thought after a sleepless 36 hours and minimal food. Assembly line after assembly line..standing... blood work... formation.. and just getting straight cussed at for looking in the drill sergeants direction.  The un known of everything is so scary and being completely out of your comfort is hard. But as the days gone by... I have already made a large group of great friends,  from all sorts of places!!  My buddy " lockheart" is from Oklahoma,  my bunk mate " Alejandre" is from sac town and "parks" is also from sac town but alot of friends from Kentucky e end o.e from Romania .  Seeing these people day by day... you build a comfort level. Even though we don't even know eachothers first names ( not used) we all have eachother through this.

Today we found out we don't ship till Tuesday... this at first was such a negative thing in my head ... but as the day goes by... it was actually a blessing.  I got the platoon together for some "in barracks " circuit training.  It was a good bonding experience for all of us and I was able to help out the group with their pushups and exercise tips .. my true passion....

I will write again later.. and tell everyone about the FOOD .. and stuff. :)

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