Sunday, May 27, 2012

Another day same ole....beep.. ( edited for young viewers)

I walk through the line in the chow hall, and as I look at the food underneath the glass window where the food is being served.. what do you see?  A large black woman wiping her sweat as she serves up the portions.  The army is so stern about using hand sanitizer to prevent sickness but a little detail they forgot .. the health department regulations. I have had diarrhea since day one here. I have chosen the salad bar for the remainder of my stay. I leave the chow hall hungry.. never full.

I did find small packets of peanutbutter at the end of the fruit line at breakfast. I take about 5 packets of those and stick them in my water pouch so I can snack on those in the barracks.
I had my first mre last night.. they have the nutrition label on the back so naturally.. I check it out being the health freak I am.. I traded out all my food for peanutbutter except the " roast beef" ( imitation of course) . The roast beef has nearly 1000mg of sodium in it!!!  Holy moly.!! No thank you!! 

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